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Should I get my TV repaired or buy a new one?

With the introduction of cheap consumer electronics people want to know what to do when their television breaks.  The dilemma is only compounded by the large number of cheap televisions made in China that you'll find at the local discount chain stores.  Manufacturers urge you to throw away your television, dump it in the landfill even though it is full of toxic materials.  Today there is a mandatory toxic fee added on top of the price of a new television.  Think about that, you are paying more money for your new TV to cover the costs involved in throwing it away!
The quality of new products has been dropping off over the past decade, many lasting just a few years.  We all know that many televisions made in the past would last ten years or longer.  Our customers often mention that their old TV set in the bedroom is still working just fine.  Today the goal is to engineer and produce new products for as cheap as possible.   
Televisions made today suffer from several faults.  Manufacturers make their circuit boards by installing parts on both sides so that they will fit into a smaller space and can be produced at a lower price. They no longer dip the circuit board into a solder pool, if they did it would destroy the parts they put on the bottom side.  Instead they sprinkle the board with a low quality solder dust and melt it with a hot air blowing device.  These connections can fail in a short time, but it does allow them to bring you a cheap television.  The good news is that this problem can be easily repaired by soldering the broken connections by hand with a high quality solder. 

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Another common failure in modern televisions is the use of lead free solder.  Lead free solder can cause tin whiskers that can create a short in a tightly packed circuit, more information on the problems involved in using lead free solder can be found in this article.  This problem could be avoided by mixing a small amount of lead into the solder when the set is made, but consumer electronics manufactured today have to be RoHS compliant meaning they are not allowed to use lead solder. 
Manufacturers often install small low quality parts on their circuit boards, under warranty the entire circuit board containing the same low quality parts is replaced.  Instead of replacing entire circuit boards, we often replace just the small parts using high quality replacement parts, this allows A1 TV,PC repair to save you time and money, and offer you a 30 day warranty.  Should you get your television repaired or buy new?  Contact A1 TV,PC repair and then decide.
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