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Before you talk to a salesman and decide to buy a new television please contact TV PC Laptop Pro and speak with an honest, factory trained TV technician with over 25 years of experience.  Repair can often be your best option, but we will tell you if we think it's time for you to buy a new TV.  We specialize in LCD TV Repair, LED, Plasma, Flat Panel, Flat Screen, DLP, HDTV, Big Screen, Wide Screen, Projection, and traditional TV Repair in Franklin. 
We all know the quality of new products has been dropping off over the past decade, lasting just a few years.  Many televisions made in the past would last ten years or longer, our customers often mention their old TV set in the bedroom is still working just fine.  Today the goal is to engineer and produce new televisions for as cheap as possible.  Quality is no longer the main consideration, the manufacturers have no interest in extending the life of your television.   
TV Repair Franklin MA
LCD TV Repair Franklin
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TV PC Laptop Pro
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TV Repair Franklin

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Plasma TV Repair Franklin
LCD TV Repair Franklin
Sharp Proscan
North Providence, RI 02904
1920 Mineral Spring Ave
Television Repair in Franklin for nearly two decades!
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TV PC Laptop Pro is Franklin's Television Repair specialists.  We have been providing prompt, professional TV Repair service in the Franklin area since 1996.  With the sophisticated electronic test equipment, information, and networking available to TV PC Laptop Pro we can give you expert advice, reasonable rates, and a 30 day warranty.  We provide Franklin, MA with a better TV Repair experience, a better warranty, and a lower price.
Foreign manufacturers want you to believe it's better to buy an imported television, than have your TV Repaired.  This puts more money in their pocket, but TV Repair in Franklin can be far less expensive than buying a new television.  This keeps more money in your pocket, and it's a great way to support our community by keeping more money in the local economy.
We are locally owned and operated and we are your one stop shop for Electronics Repair in the Franklin area.  We run our repair business the old fashioned way and we care about each and every one of our customers.  We are well trained and we have reasonable repair rates on all brands and types of Televisions, Appliances, and Computers.  With our network of hundreds of repair shops throughout the United States, we can offer the best repair prices near Franklin.
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Computer Repair
We are part of a nationwide network of electronics technicians involved in finding component level TV Repairs.  We maintain a database of over 285,000 repairs and we have access to specialized technical websites where repair information is privately shared among authorized service centers and qualified repair shops. 
Don't be so quick to throw away your old TV, we offer free recycling of certain televisions.  It's a quick and easy way to help the environment, call us and see if your television set qualifies.
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LED, Plasma, Flat Panel,

Flat Screen, DLP,
HDTV, Big Screen, Wide Screen, Projection, and more!

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